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Jeremy Yoder is an Assistant Professor of Biology at California State University, Northridge. He also blogs at Denim and Tweed, and tweets under the handle @jbyoder.

The Molecular Ecology Prize committee are continuing to accept nominations through Tuesday, April 2! Send nominations to committee chair Robin Waples at; see details here.

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Nominations open for the 2019 Molecular Ecology Prize

We are soliciting nominations for the annual Molecular Ecology Prize. The field of molecular ecology is young and inherently interdisciplinary. As a consequence, research in molecular ecology is not currently represented by a single scientific society, so there is no … Continue reading

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Survey results: Journal solicitations from preprint servers

Last December, we posed the question Should journals solicit submissions from preprint archives? and solicited feedback from the community on whether this was a promising path forward for the field. First off, thank you to the 145 people who responded … Continue reading

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“It takes all the sequencing you can do, just to keep up with coevolution”

One of the most fundamental observations of evolution is that it never seems to stop. This is particularly true in host-pathogen coevolution, in which each species must adapt in response to the other. This constant evolution is the process biologists … Continue reading

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Simple Gantt charts in R with ggplot2 … and Microsoft Excel

making Gantt charts is a form of self-care — Colin J. Carlson (@ColinJCarlson) November 26, 2018 If you’ve ever had to explain how all the elements of a big, multi-part project come together, you’ve probably at least considered making something … Continue reading

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Should journals solicit submissions from preprint archives?

The use of preprints has increased drastically in the life sciences over the past few years. Preprints are manuscripts submitted to open access servers prior to, or in some cases instead of, formal publication. One popular preprint server is bioRxiv (although there … Continue reading

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Nick Fountain-Jones wins Harry Smith Prize for study of virus transmission among urban bobcats

The Harry Smith Prize is awarded for the best paper in Molecular Ecology in the previous year led by an early-career researcher. The 2018 Prize has been awarded to Dr. Nick Fountain-Jones for his paper ‘Urban landscapes can change virus gene flow and evolution … Continue reading

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Robin Waples receives 2018 Molecular Ecology Prize

Robin Waples, the 2018 winner of the Molecular Ecology Prize, received a plate commemorating the award in a ceremony Sunday at the Conservation Genetics 2018 conference. The prize recognized Waples’s extensive contributions in the use of molecular genetic data to … Continue reading

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For flexible eDNA analysis, just capture whatever you want

Environmental DNA sampling for multi-taxa species detection (i.e., the inference of species presence from genetic material in the environment) has been a hot topic lately. Some of the most exciting recent work has used high-throughput sequence (HTS) to simultaneously screen … Continue reading

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Transcriptome sequencing catches bats’ immune systems napping

Populations of multiple North American bat species have been more than decimated by white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease that spreads within roosting colonies and becomes deadly during hibernation. A paper just released online early at Molecular Ecology adds support to a hypothesis … Continue reading

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