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IBE/IBD Contour plots in R

Rob’s post from yesterday motivated me to find an alternate way of visualizing correlations between matrices of geographical or ecological data, and genetic data. I have seen plenty of Mantel, or partial Mantel tests of correlation, as well as plots … Continue reading

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Landscape genetics gets existential

I had a lot of ideas for future posts, but “landscape genetics” keeps pulling me back. Beyond the new methodology, reviews, and empirical findings, I suppose someone has to pump the brakes and get more existential. Rodney Dyer does just … Continue reading

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Gene flow and Population Fitness

Fitness effects of gene flow (both advantageous and deleterious) have garnered plenty of recent press and scientific exploration. At the population level, the concepts and consequences are notoriously familiar. In the context of immigration, they reduce to existing genetic variation, … Continue reading

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Interview: The landscape of Ian Wang's reading list

To follow up on some recent posts on The Molecular Ecologist about landscape genetics and isolation by environment, I brought in an expert. Dr. Ian Wang is an assistant professor in the Department of Environment Science, Policy, and Management at … Continue reading

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Reviewing the reviews: Twelve years of Landscape Genetics

Landscape genetics has grown feverishly since its first formal definition in 2003 (Manel et al). The beauty of combining genetic, environmental, and spatial variation to answer biological questions sure is alluring, and the quest for improving the methodology of landscape … Continue reading

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How do you unite the stage and actors of the evolutionary play?

When you are forced to give your one sentence, off-the-cuff response to “what kind of scientist are you?”, who do you become? A landscape geneticist? Community geneticist? Landscape epidemiologist? A new opinion in Trends in Ecology and Evolution by Brian … Continue reading

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Isolation by environment explains why the grass isn't always greener

Ever since Sewall Wright introduced isolation by distance in 1943, the interplay between genetic differentiation and geographic distance has been a foundational, sometimes frustrating, aspect of population genetics studies. But distance isn’t just distance. The walk to my car isn’t any longer when … Continue reading

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