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GEOME is putting genetic data in its place

Infrastructure to make genetic data widely available for research beyond its initial publication has been a theme of the genomics revolution, from GenBank to the Sequence Read Archive. For molecular ecologists, though, genetic data is only half of our field … Continue reading

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Join the Molecular Ecologist team in 2021!

The Molecular Ecologist is seeking two new regular contributors for 2021! Join us in blogging about “ecology, evolution, and everything in between.” Ideal candidates should have expertise and experience in our core topic, the use of genetic data to understand … Continue reading

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Take the Molecular Ecologist reader survey!

Following up on this being our tenth year of blogging operations, we thought it was past time to check in with you, our readers. To that end, we’ve put together a brief survey about how you read The Molecular Ecologist, … Continue reading

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Molecular Ecology and Molecular Ecology Resources are recruiting new Associate Editors

Molecular Ecology and Molecular Ecology Resources are looking for new Editorial Board members to join the journals as Associate Editors in the key subject areas below: Eco-immunology/emerging diseases/disease resistance Proteomics/protein evolution Computer programs/statistical approaches Environmental DNA/metabarcoding Experience with genome assemblies would also be … Continue reading

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A decade of The Molecular Ecologist

I recently took a look through the “Archives by month” drop-down in our right-hand sidebar and discovered that it goes all the way back to July 2010. Which means The Molecular Ecologist had its tenth anniversary this very month — specifically … Continue reading

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Shutting down our science in solidarity with the #Strike4BlackLives

We’re joining today’s Strike for Black Lives as part of ShutDownSTEM — taking the day away from our scientific work to study, plan, and act against racism and police violence in the places we live and research. It’s a good day … Continue reading

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Black lives matter — and what that means in ecology and evolutionary biology

We at the Molecular Ecologist affirm that Black lives matter. We join with, and ask our readers to join with, calls for an end to police violence and for justice on behalf of its victims, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, … Continue reading

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The last Last Dance

A faculty job application trilogy! Have you also been reading Katie’s recent blog posts on the costs of applying for a faculty job? One is about the workload of applying, the second one about the financial cost, and the last … Continue reading

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Victoria Sork awarded the 2020 Molecular Ecology Prize

The Molecular Ecology Prize Committee has announced the 2020 recipient of the award, which recognizes an outstanding scientist who has made significant contributions to the still-young field of molecular ecology: We are pleased to announce that the 2020 Molecular Ecology … Continue reading

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The Molecular Ecologist Podcast: A #NewPI chat about teaching, both before and after COVID

A new episode of The Molecular Ecologist Podcast is now out on On this episode, we’re taking our NewPI Chat conversations among early-career faculty to the podcast format. In this chat, Rob Denton, Stacy Krueger-Hadfield, and Jeremy Yoder discuss … Continue reading

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