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The MEC symposium Online Forum: October 24th

We had a great turnout for the Molecular Ecology symposium at the Joint Ottawa Evolution meeting in July, and it sounded like people found the talks and discussions really useful. The videos of all the talks and the accompanying slides … Continue reading

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Great post about a Mol Ecol paper

Noah Reid over at Nothing in Biology has written a wide ranging and very interesting post about a recent Mol Ecol paper on inbreeding depression in bighorn sheep. I particularly liked this part: “I found this paper fascinating in that … Continue reading

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Do famous researchers have biased perceptions of peer review?

I thought some of you would be interested in this:…

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Winter break

Since all the bloggers are heading back to their homes and log fires for the Christmas break, we’re going to put the blog on hold until early in 2012… we hope to see you then!

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Ottawa, July 6th 2012

Unlike most of the big journals in the field, Mol Ecol isn’t affiliated with an academic society, and one consequence is that there’s never been a ‘molecular ecology’ get together along the lines of the Evolution meetings or ESEB. Seeing … Continue reading

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When should you make a complaint?

I’m writing this post with some trepidation, as dealing with complaints is the most difficult part of being an editor. However, I think there is much to be gained from bringing some clarity to the process and by giving a … Continue reading

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Videocast for the Wheat et al paper

We published a fascinating paper on the genetics of life history adaptation in a butterfly metapopulations back in May, and the authors very kindly put together a Q&A videocast about their work. This is available on our Wiley Online Library … Continue reading

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Some overdue thoughts on impact factors

OK, I know this is late (they were released in July!), but the recent editorial board meeting in Tübingen forced me to put the vague thoughts I had about the 2010 impact factors into actual words and pictures: Molecular Ecology … Continue reading

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Data archiving guide

I put together a short guide that goes through the different data types commonly used in Molecular Ecology and suggests the type of file that ought to be archived to fulfil our Joint Data Archiving Policy. It’s available here. Comments … Continue reading

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Field Guide to Next Generation Sequencers now available

Travis Glenn recently published a paper in ME Resources giving pricing and usage info for a range of NGS sequencers. Since this area is moving very fast, we’ve also put the tables from his paper up on the blog, and … Continue reading

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