The MEC symposium Online Forum: October 24th

We had a great turnout for the Molecular Ecology symposium at the Joint Ottawa Evolution meeting in July, and it sounded like people found the talks and discussions really useful.
The videos of all the talks and the accompanying slides are available online here, which is good, but since the live audience discussions involved only about 0.014% of the molecular ecology community (350 out of ~25,000), we wanted to throw the discussion open to everyone.
We’re therefore planning an online forum event for Wednesday October 24th: the speakers will be online for several hours to answer questions and to discuss the future of the field. After that we’ll make the whole thing available as a log somewhere on this site. If you’re interested in participating, please sign up here; so that we can make sure we have enough bandwidth etc.
Since the world is round, the time the forum takes place will depend on where you are:
-New Zealand (UTC +13 = NZST): 3am Oct 25th to 7am Oct 25th
-Sydney, Australia (UTC+11 = EDT): 1am Oct 25th to 4am Oct 25th 
-China & Western Australia (UTC+8): 11pm Oct 24th to 1am Oct 25th
-Eastern Europe (UTC+3 = EEST): 5pm to 8pm
-Western Europe (UTC + 2 = CEST): 4pm to 7pm
-UK, Ireland & Portugal (UTC+1 = BST): 3pm to 6pm
-Eastern USA & Canada, Brazil (UTC-4 = EDT): 10am to 1pm
-Western USA & Canada (UTC-7 = PDT): 7am to 10am
Comments or questions? Leave ’em here or email

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