Ottawa, July 6th 2012

Unlike most of the big journals in the field, Mol Ecol isn’t affiliated with an academic society, and one consequence is that there’s never been a ‘molecular ecology’ get together along the lines of the Evolution meetings or ESEB. Seeing as 2012 is the 20th year of the journal and it coincides with the big SSE/ESEB/CSEE/ASN/SSB conference in Ottawa, we’ve organised a ‘Molecular Ecology’ symposium for the 6th July, the opening day of the main conference (i.e. the one with registration and the evening reception).

The overall goal is to showcase some of the best research in each of the fields covered by the journal (adaptation, speciation, phylogeography etc.) and then map out future research priorities with panel discussions. We may even give out t-shirts. I’ve put the current speaker line-up here.

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