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Cricket Plays a Song of Systems Biology

Mina Momeni wrote this post as a final project for Stacy Krueger-Hadfield’s Science Communication course at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Mina earned her MS degree and is now a research technician at UAB in Dr. Nicole Riddle‘s lab. … Continue reading

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Annotations on a tweet-storm directed more-or-less towards Neil deGrasse Tyson

So, Saturday afternoon, while I really should have been working on other things, this happened: Hi, @neiltyson, I am an actual evolutionary geneticist who probably did inherit such a gene, thanks. https://t.co/B9ATLu357L — Jeremy Yoder (@JBYoder) March 12, 2016 What … Continue reading

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The unforeseen genomic consequences of domestication

When a desired genome is selected for propagation, all mutations, beneficial, neutral, or deleterious, shift in frequency, and this sometimes can have unforeseen consequences. Natural selection takes the good with the bad. Beneficial and harmful mutations combine to provide a net … Continue reading

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For viruses, ecology shapes the speed of evolutionary change

Molecular ecologists are interested in understanding what patterns in genetic variation across and among populations can tell us about the ecology of the living things we study. But a paper published in the latest issue of The American Naturalist demonstrates … Continue reading

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