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I develop and use DNA techniques and technologies to address problems in ecology, evolution, environmental health & remediation, toxicology, and natural resource management. I have worked with DNA from organisms of all kingdoms - any organism with DNA is fair game. My background is in ecology, but I am increasing working on problems of direct human health relevance. Most of my work now focuses on environmental genomics and developing and using new tools to study germ-line mutations.

The 2016 Next-Generation Sequencing Field Guide Preview: Zombie Systems and New Hope

After a year of minimal activity, we finally have some significant changes in Next Gen Land. In the 2016 update of the NGS Field Guide, I will continue to give my overall interpretation about the various instruments, but with less … Continue reading

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2012 Update to the NGS Field Guide

After many months of essentially no updates worth mentioning, Ion Torrent announced their Proton sequencer on the morning of January 10th, followed later that same day by an announcement from Illumina of their upgraded HiSeq 2500. This of course, caused … Continue reading

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The ecological fallout: how radioactivity affects wildlife

The current news about radioactivity being released from a nuclear power plant in Japan is sad and worrisome. We are first concerned about the health and safety of individuals who have volunteered to stay at the power plant; they are … Continue reading

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