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Urban ecology, evolution, and racism

Occasionally, while reading the literature, you stumble across a paper that is so eloquent and beautiful that you are awestruck. Since that happened to me this weekend, today‚Äôs post is a call to you to go read the incredible synthesis … Continue reading

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How urbanization might affect the five-second rule

At this point, we know that microbes are everywhere and make up complex communities found all over the place ranging from oceanic hydrothermal vents to lakes, soils, and, yes of course, all over you. It has also become apparent that … Continue reading

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Isolation by Aesop's Fable in NYC mice

The story goes like this: Town Mouse goes to visit his friend in the country. Town Mouse looks down his long nose at the food offered by Country Mouse, so he brings Country Mouse back to the city for a … Continue reading

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