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I'm an Eberly Postdoctoral Fellow in the College of Science at Penn State in the labs of Dr. Jesse R. Lasky (Biology) and Dr. George H. Perry (Anthropology). I'm interested in what happens when humans mess with plants, by spreading them around all willy nilly. Invasive species are my Moriarty. In my free time, I grow things, pickle them, brew beer with them, compost what's left.

Best practices in sample naming

Wherein I try to save me from myself Let’s imagine a young scientist, bursting to the seems with enthusiasm and schemes to uncover the secrets of the biological world. Everything is new and she learns as she goes! Let’s call … Continue reading

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The secret life of invaders

So I have this pet theory. And damn if the evidence doesn’t seem to be piling up. Am I living in the bubble of my own google alerts? Possibly. I’m an evolutionary ecologist and invasion biologist, and (surprise!) my pet … Continue reading

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