Take the Molecular Ecologist reader survey!

Following up on this being our tenth year of blogging operations, we thought it was past time to check in with you, our readers. To that end, we’ve put together a brief survey about how you read The Molecular Ecologist, what kinds of posts you follow us for and what you’d like to see more of, and who you are — in terms of career stage and scientific interests. There’s also an open-ended suggestion box, to tell us what we should have asked about but didn’t think to.

In total it should take less than ten minutes, and if you’ve got the time to spare, it’ll be very helpful. You can fill the survey form in right here on the blog, or follow this link to the Google Form. Thanks in advance!

About Jeremy Yoder

Jeremy B. Yoder is an Associate Professor of Biology at California State University Northridge, studying the evolution and coevolution of interacting species, especially mutualists. He is a collaborator with the Joshua Tree Genome Project and the Queer in STEM study of LGBTQ experiences in scientific careers. He has written for the website of Scientific American, the LA Review of Books, the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Awl, and Slate.
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