The Molecular Ecologist’s Survey on High-Throughput Sequencing

Last week we updated the Field Guide to Next Generation DNA Sequencers to better reflect the sequencing techniques of 2016. The NGS Field Guide is one of the most popular resources on the Molecular Ecologist web site, but we don’t know much about how our readers use the various new sequencing techniques.

In order to gauge the usage and interest in high-throughput (next-gen) sequencing, we ask you to kindly fill in this short, anonymous survey. Results will be compiled and posted shortly after!

About Elin Videvall

Elin is a PhD candidate in the Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab, Lund University, Sweden. She studies birds and their microbes by analysing genomes, transcriptomes, and microbiomes. You can find her on Twitter: @ElinVidevall
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