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Stretching in new directions – Part II: Interview with Jane Lubchenco

So how does one become a successful academic and then turn around and create an equally successful career as a scientific leader and advisor to the, ahem, President of the United States? One important factor, that arose not with just … Continue reading

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Science in our society – Part I. An interview with Dr. Jane Lubchenco

In early July, Dr. Lubchenco was kind enough to spend some time with me over the telephone talking a little bit about her life as the under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and administrator of NOAA.

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Getting a fantastic mentor is the key to success – Part 2 of my interview with Angela Belcher

I feel very fortunate to have had a chance to talk with women from a wide range of scientific areas with such different backgrounds.  I felt this most strongly in my interview with Dr. Angela Belcher, I think because more … Continue reading

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Making a career out of innovation: Part I of my interview with Dr. Angela Belcher

“In the ocean, it took organisms 50 million years to perfect their systems. We’re doing it in a few weeks.” Dr. Angela Belcher I first heard about Dr. Angela Belcher, one day, when on a coffee break, I was flipping … Continue reading

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A new poll for our readers.

We all know that the genetic landscape has dramatically changed in the last five years with the introduction of multiple parallel sequencing platforms. What I’m interested in is which platform researchers are choosing to use. You might say that in … Continue reading

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Advice to the early-career scientist.

Here is the second part of the interview with Rosemary Grant.  As with Rosie, we spoke about how she was mentored, some of her biggest personal challenges, and advice to the young.

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In search of evolutionary change: Part 1 – An interview with Rosemary Grant

I first met Rosemary Grant back when  I was at the University of British Columbia finishing up my PhD.  The last year and half of a PhD is a slog (well, it was for me) and it was really important … Continue reading

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Part II: An interview with Rosie Redfield

In the second part of our interview, Rosie and I talked more personally about mentorship and women in science. Me:  Tell me about some of your early career mentors. Rosie: I wouldn’t say that I was mentored directly, but maybe … Continue reading

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Looking to our leaders: An interview with Rosie Redfield

The MER blog has as its mandate to provide a place to discuss the latest trends in the field. To that end, I have started a series of interviews that will focus on women who have earned the respect of … Continue reading

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Using next generation on everything and more.

“Developing genomics tools for ecological organisms is desirable because we can study a wider range of phenotypic traits over evolutionary timescales and in more populations than was possible previously. Through this we are likely to gain a more realistic and … Continue reading

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