Workshop: Gene Conservation of Tree Species

(Flickr: tamasmatusik)

(Flickr: tamasmatusik)

From friend-of-the-blog Sean Hoban, an update about a workshop that should be of interest to molecular ecologists:
A reminder, the deadline to submit abstracts for the “Gene Conservation of Tree Species – Banking on the Future” conference, to be held mid May 2016, is December 1! This may be of interest to those working in conservation, forestry, genetics, adaptation, climate, botanic garden, or seed biology. There is already a great lineup of speakers and diverse partners involved:
The following topics are of particular interest:

  1. In-Situ Conservation
  2. Ex-Situ Conservation
    • Designing seed collections
    • Establishing and managing gene banks
    • Role of urban forests, arboreta and botanic gardens in tree genetic conservation
    • Maintenance of sample health ex situ
  3. Identification of ecosystems/species/ genes to be conserved
    • Threats and risk assessments
  4. Restoration of species/ecosystems of conservation concern
    • Assessing long term Impacts of tree conservation projects
  5. Tools and techniques for Tree Genetic Conservation
    • Databasing and managing information for germplasm (genetic conservation)

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Jeremy B. Yoder is an Associate Professor of Biology at California State University Northridge, studying the evolution and coevolution of interacting species, especially mutualists. He is a collaborator with the Joshua Tree Genome Project and the Queer in STEM study of LGBTQ experiences in scientific careers. He has written for the website of Scientific American, the LA Review of Books, the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Awl, and Slate.
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