Rejection, Academics, and Success.


With the holiday season in full swing, I thought that I share a link to a recent post on weathering the rejection storm that almost invariably accompanies grant and publication reviews.

those of you getting rejections are in great company. We’re slogging through a historically lean time and this shit is just hard right now.

As a young academic I’ve received my fair share of rejection emails, so these “we’re all in the same boat” posts certainly ease my mind. On top of that, they also provide some valuable advice: The path to success is paved with grit and persistence.

The ONLY reason I’ve been semi-successful is because I got back up every. damn. time. I don’t have better ideas than my colleagues. I’m not smarter than they are. I don’t have the pedigree or awards many of them have. But it turns out I can take a punch pretty well.

I think the great Maury Ballstein said it best:

from: Zoolander

Happy Holidays.

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