Figure 3: A representation of the 3 models (Modified from Flaxman & al 2013, Figure 1). DS = Direct Selection, a beanbag genetics model in which selection acts independently at every locus. GH = Genomic Hitchhiking, in which selection acts on individuals whose fitness is determined by their multilocus genotype. There is no linkage between loci in this model. DH = Divergence Hitchhiking, in which loci are arranged into chromosomes, and alleles at different loci are inherited together at a rate proportional to their physical distance. m = migration rate per individual per generation. Note that we have represented different loci using letters, and subscripts to represent different alleles at each locus. All loci are codominant. Derived alleles/mutants are shown in red. Lines represent chromosomal (physical) linkage between loci.

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