What we're reading: the FDA versus 23andME

Bear reading book
In the journals
Caulfield T, Evans J, McGuire A, McCabe C, Bubela T, et al. (2013) Reflections on the Cost of “Low-Cost” Whole Genome Sequencing: Framing the Health Policy Debate. PLoS Biol 11(11): e1001699. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001699

Given the interest and significant investment in genomics, this seems an ideal time to consider what the evidence tells us about potential benefits and harms, particularly in the context of health care policy.

In the news
The personal genotyping service by 23andMe got smacked down by the U.S. FDA; but it probably won’t slow down the rush to consumer genomics.

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Jeremy B. Yoder is an Associate Professor of Biology at California State University Northridge, studying the evolution and coevolution of interacting species, especially mutualists. He is a collaborator with the Joshua Tree Genome Project and the Queer in STEM study of LGBTQ experiences in scientific careers. He has written for the website of Scientific American, the LA Review of Books, the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Awl, and Slate.
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