Mol Ecol’s best reviewers

A healthy peer review system is essential for the integrity of science, but the anonymity of the process means that good reviewers seldom get recognition from the broader community. This is particularly a problem for junior researchers trying to get funding and jobs. A ‘Reviewer for…’ list appears in most resumes, but since this carries no indication of how often or how well they review, it is given little weight in the selection process.

Molecular Ecology has therefore decided to publish a list of our very best referees from the last two years. Our hope is that the people listed below will put ‘Top Reviewer for Molecular Ecology 2012’ on their resume, and that this will highlight to search committees and granting agencies that they have made a significant contribution to the community as a reviewer.

Everyone who completed a review for Molecular Ecology between 1st December 2010 and 1st December 2012 was eligible, and people were ranked by an index that included the number of reviews completed, the proportion of accepted review requests that led to a review being returned (excluding unassignments before the two week deadline), and the average time taken per review if this was over two weeks. The top 300 (~ 8%) are listed below the fold – thank you so much for your efforts!

Andres Aguilar
Dirk Albach
Miguel Alcaide
Diego Alvarado-S.
Nadir Alvarez
Kirk Anderson
Corey Anderson
Leif Andersson
Bernard Angers
Joseph Apodaca
Julien April
Hitoshi Araki
J. W. (Pim) Arntzen
Wolfgang Arthofer
Frederic Austerlitz
John Avise
Wieslaw Babik
Cecile Bacles
Laura Baldo
Ian Barnes
Craig Barrett
Rowan Barrett
Nick Barton
Iliana Baums
Trevor Beebee
Keith Bennett
Stewart Berlocher
Daniel Berner
Martin Bidartondo
Benjamin K. Blackman
Camille Bonneaud
Elizabeth Boulding
Brian Bowen
Ian Bradbury
Adrian Brennan
Richard Brown
Vincent Buonaccorsi
Frank Burbrink
Theresa Burg
Reto Burri
Jutta Buschbom
Roger Butlin
Arley Camargo
Matthew Carling
Gary Carvalho
Lauren Chan
Robert Chapman
David Chapple
Marie-Pierre Chapuis
Nathalie Charbonnel
Philippe Christe
Mark Christie
Marc Ciosi
Elizabeth Clare
Sonya Clegg
Steve Cooper
Charles Criscione
Melania Cristescu
Love Dalén
Thierry De Meeûs
Eric DeChaine
Joseph DiBattista
Jose Alexandre Diniz-Filho
Cyril Dutech
David Duvernell
Rodney Dyer
Andrew Eckert
Pim Edelaar
Robert Ekblom
Norm Ellstrand
Laura Epp
Guillaume Evanno
Melissa Evans
Jeffrey Feder
Vadim Fedorov
Marco Festa-Bianchet
Gentile Ficetola
Diego Fontaneto
Matthew Forister
Elisabeth Fournier
Alain Frantz
Timothy Frasier
Matt Fujita
Oliver Gailing
Juan Galindo
Matteo Garbelotto
Cristina García
Ryan Garrick
Colin Garroway
Eli Geffen
Catherine Gehring
Jean-Michel Gibert
Phillip Gienapp
Thomas Gilbert
Pierre Gladieux
Travis Glenn
Caren Goldberg
Zachariah Gompert
Josefa Gonzalez
Dave Goulson
William Grant
Tabitha Graves
Simon Griffith
Briana Gross
Paul Gugger
Thomas Guillemaud
Fabien Halkett
Jim Hamrick
Bengt Hansson
Tilmann Harder
Christopher Hardy
Matthew Hare
Philip W Hedrick
Berthold Heinze
Michael Hellberg
Andrew Hendry
Carlos Herrera
Sarah Hird
Joe Hoffman
Michael Hofreiter
Paul Hohenlohe
Rolf Holderegger
Alan Hudson
Matthew Hufford
Jane M Hughes
Juan Carlos Illera
Hans Jacquemyn
Francis Jiggins
Kerstin Johannesson
Susan Johnston
Adam Jones
Per Erik Jorde
Leo Joseph
Lou Jost
Alistair Jump
Thomas Källman
Irene Keller
Laurent Keller
Stephen Keller
Carole Kerdelhué
Jun Kitano
Stephan Koblmuller
Petr Kotlik
Ken Kraaijeveld
Daniel Kronauer
Christopher Kyle
Erin Landguth
Robert Latta
Mickael Le Gac
Adam Leaché
Paul Leberg
Christophe Lebigre
Laurent Lehmann
Tobias Lenz
Olivier Lepais
Paula Leskinen
Harilaos Lessios
Adrian Leuchtmann
Jianquan Liu
Konrad Lohse
Stephen Lougheed
Winsor Lowe
David Lowry
Dieter Lukas
Piotr Lukasik
Max Lundberg
Milos Macholan
Thomas Madsen
Hannu Mäkinen
Anita Malhotra
Stéphanie Manel
Clare Marsden
R.J. Scott McCairns
John McCormack
Karen McCoy
Megan McCusker
Michael McLeish
Raul Medina
Jon Mee
Mariah Meek
Michael Meeuwig
Thomas Mehner
Juha Merilä
Alexander Mikheyev
Joshua Miller
Katy Morgan
Jakob Mueller
Jason Munshi-South
Melanie Murphy
Benoit Nabholz
Shinichi Nakagawa
Francesco Nardi
Maria Navajas
Miguel Navascués
Daniel Neafsey
Maurine Neiman
Raisa Nikula
Arne Nolte
Tommi Nyman
Juanita Olano-Marin
Ben Oldroyd
Marjorie Oleksiak
Kenneth Olsen
Matthew Olson
Mats Olsson
Maarja Öpik
Ludovic Orlando
Joaquin Ortego
Clarisse Palma-Silva
Per Palsboll
Friso Palstra
Pekka Pamilo
Thomas Parchman
Christian Parisod
Steve Paterson
Scott Pavey
Robert Paxton
Javier Pérez-Tris
Benjamin Peter
Xavier Picó
Francois Pompanon
John Pool
Daniel Portik
Erik Postma
Craig Primmer
Jim Provan
Oscar Puebla
Benoit Pujol
Jacek Radwan
Joost Raeymaekers
Alisa Ramakrishnan
Ettore Randi
Sébastien Renaut
David Richardson
Ciro Rico
Cynthia Riginos
Stacie Robinson
Juan Robledo-Arnuncio
Luiz Rocha
Erica Rosenblum
Kenneth Ross
Mélanie Roy
Daniel Ruzzante
Benjamin Sacks
Glenn-Peter Saetre
Massimo Scandura
Helmut Schaschl
Thomas Schmitt
Gerald Schneeweiss
Sean Schoville
Aaron Schrey
Patricia Schulte
Kristina Sefc
Gernot Segelbacher
Marc-André Selosse
Aaron Shafer
Beth Shapiro
Christopher Smith
Peter Smouse
George Somero
Stephen Spear
Garth Spellman
Thomas Stadler
Jessica Stapley
Jared Strasburg
Eva Stukenbrock
Yann Surget-Groba
Andrey Tatarenkov
Leho Tedersoo
Daniel Thornhill
Carrie Thurber
David Toews
Fernando Torres-Perez
Michael Traugott
Julie Turgeon
Edward Vargo
Miguel Vences
Bernhard Von Hagen
Bridgett vonHoldt
Christian Voolstra
Robert Vrijenhoek
Ian Wang
Liuyang Wang
Robin Waples
Robert Ward
Peter Waser
Daniel Wegmann
K. Mathias Wegner
Helena Westerdahl
Kristine Westergaard
Christopher Wheat
Andrew Whiteley
Samantha Wisely
Dominic Wright
Sam Yeaman
Lorenzo Zane
Eugenia Zarza
Amanda Zellmer
De-Xing Zhang
Lucie Zinger

About Tim Vines

I’m the managing editor of Molecular Ecology and Molecular Ecology Resources.

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  • Peter Smouse

    Tim, very thoughtful.

    I review for several outlets, and (nearing retirement), I have long-since stopped listing them, viewing reviewing as “part of my job”. Still, it’s always nice to be appreciated. I learned a long time ago that my best friend is the person who tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. Personally, I cultivate those particular friends. Most of us learn to do that.

    ME has become the best journal in the field, and while the reviewers deserve a lot of collective credit, “Style starts at the top (the editorial team).” We all see it and we all know it. Thanks and congratulations on a job superbly done. – Peter Smouse

    • Tim Vines

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for your kind words. I do feel bad for people that are excellent referees but only review occasionally for Mol Ecol, as they couldn’t make the list. It’s possible that one day a ‘community wide’ recognition could be developed. This could make use of the incoming ORCID system to combine reviewer data across all the different journals.


  • Tim Vines

    For those of you wondering why review quality wasn’t included in the calculations: It would make sense, but as entering quality scores is not mandatory for the editor, they’re not equally reported across all the different types of paper that come in to Molecular Ecology. This means that a great reviewer in e.g. reptile phylogeography would be able to have the maximum quality score, but someone reviewing e.g. plant genomics could have no score and can thus only attain the average. This didn’t seem fair, so we left the quality scores out altogether.

    As an aside, the two features measured by the quality scores (speed and review quality) do enter the calculations, the former as the average time to return a review, and the latter as how many reviews one gets asked to do (the best reviewers get asked more often than the average ones).

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