Ottawa Symposium July 2012

The year 2012 marks the 20th anniversary for Molecular Ecology. To celebrate the tremendous advances that have been made in this research area, as well as to brainstorm about the future of the field, the journal is sponsoring a Molecular Ecology Symposium on 6th July 2012 in Ottawa, the day before Evolution 2012 gets underway. The structure of the meeting will follow the basic format of Molecular Ecology, with plenary talks in each of the journal subject areas, followed by panel discussions that focus on future advances.

Proposed Schedule

08.50 Welcome – Tim Vines

Speciation and Hybridisation

09.00 Alex Buerkle

09.20 Alex Widmer

09.40 Tatiana Giraud

10.00 Panel Discussion

10.20 Break

Landscape Genetics, Phylogeography and Conservation

10.40 Rose Andrew

11.00 Bryan Carstens

11.20 Victoria Sork

11.40 Panel Discussion

12.00 Lunch

Ecological Genomics, Molecular Adaptation

13.30 Jon Slate

13.50 Sean Rogers

14.10 Aurélie Bonin

14.30 Louis Bernatchez

14.50 Panel Discussion

15.10 Break

Kinship, Parentage and Behaviour

15.40 Dany Garant

Ecological Interactions

16.00 Brent Emerson

16.20 Graham Stone

16.40 Panel Discussion

17.00 Final address – Loren Rieseberg

17.20 Adjourn

19.00 Reception for main conference