2014 NGS Field Guide – Table 3a – Purchase costs

Table 3a. Instrument purchase cost, additional instrument costs, and service agreement costs for common commercially next generation DNA sequencing platforms available in 2014. All costs are list price in thousands of US dollars.


Purchase Cost

Additional Instruments a

Service Contract b

Illumina MiSeq



Illumina NextSeq 500  



Illumina HiSeq 2500




Illumina HiSeq X



Illumina HiSeq X Ten


Ion Torrent – PGM (314/316/318 chips)




Ion Torrent – Proton (chips I, II, III)




PacBio RS



454 GS Jr. Titanium




454 FLX+




SOLiD – 5500xl




Oxford Nanopore MinION




Oxford Nanopore GridION

?$30? k



a Costs include bead counters for emPCR (up to $20k), TissueLysers or similar for emPCR (up to $10k), specialty centrifuges, etc. when required by the instrument manufacturer, but do not include general purpose and library preparation equipment (e.g., Advanced Analytical Fragment Analyzer, Agilent Bioanalyzer, Agilent TapeStation, Bio-rad Experion, or Caliper LabChipGX; shearing devices from Covaris, Bioruptor, Episonic, or QSonica; thermal cyclers; general purpose centrifuges; water purification systems; etc.). Many labs will need additional general purpose instruments.

b Annual maintenance agreements include on-site service, but do not include extra premiums for the fastest available service.

c Cost of cBot (required for high output flow cells and loading separate libraries onto each lane of rapid run flow cells; not needed to load a single pool onto both lanes of rapid run flow cells).

d Required $16.5k Ion Torrent server for conversion of raw signals to base calling; $1k ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive; Argon gas tank (<$0.5k); / cost with $14.5k OneTouch

e Maintenance contract for PGM alone / cost including Server and OneTouch

f Ion OneTouch 2.0 ($19k); Argon gas tank with valves ($0.5k); server now bundled with instrument / training is optional ($3.3k at Life Tech campus; $8.5k at customer site)

g Proton alone / Proton + Server + OneTouch; additional options are available.

h Includes EZ Bead ePCR automation and required UPS; a Covaris ($45K) is also required but is not included to facilitate comparisons (because one is usually bought with any of the other sequencing systems)

i Includes EZ Bead, Covaris, and one preventative maintenance.

j MinION now appears to have a non-disposable box with disposable flow cells; pricing is unknown but likely close to this.

k Oxford Nanopore has not released a target price for the GridION systems, but this number has been mentioned by multiple sources