2012 NGS Field Guide – Overview

Please note that updated versions of these tables are now available for 2014.

We have updated the tables presented in Glenn (2011) for 2012 values. The 2011 tables are still available at 2011-field-guide-overview:

  • Table 1a-c.  “Grades” for common applications on various NGS instruments.  Other information from the original table 1 is relatively static.
  • Table 2a.  Run time, Millions of reads/run, Bases/read, and Yield/run for all common commercial NGS platforms.
  • Table 2b. Reagent costs/run, reagent costs/Mb, and minimum commercially available units for all common commercial NGS platforms.
  • Table 3a. List purchase price for for all common commercial NGS platforms, ancillary equipment, and service contracts.
  • Table 3b. Computational resources required for all common commercial NGS platforms.
  • Table 3c. Errors and error rates for common commercial NGS platforms.
  • Table 4.  Advantages and Disadvantages for all common commercial NGS platforms.

Citation: Glenn, TC (2011) Field Guide to Next Generation DNA Sequencers.  Molecular Ecology Resources. doi: 10.1111/j.1755-0998.2011.03024.x
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