New faces: Stacy Krueger-Hadfield

New contributor Stacy A. Krueger-Hadfield

New contributor Stacy A. Krueger-Hadfield

This week we’re pleased to welcome a big group of new contributors to the blog. By way of introduction, I asked each of them to answer a few quick questions about him- or herself. —Jeremy

Who are you? Stacy A. Krueger-Hadfield.

Where are you? Currently, a post-doctoral fellow at the College of Charleston, based at the Grice Marine Laboratory.

What do you study? I am an evolutionary ecologist. Though I have dabbled with some animal models, I mainly use marine algae (both macro- and micro-) to address questions pertaining to population connectivity in marine environments, life history evolution and the impacts of global climate change on marine populations. Currently, I am a co-PI on NSF-funded research investigating the invasive history of the red seaweed Gracilaria vermiculophylla in which we are using a combination of genotype and phenotype to explore the impacts of the invasion along both North American and European coastlines. For more information, see my website and the research page (

What do you do when you’re not studying it? I enjoy traveling, reading, writing (in all forms) and taking pictures.

About Jeremy Yoder

Jeremy Yoder is an Assistant Professor of Biology at California State University, Northridge. He also blogs at Denim and Tweed, and tweets under the handle @jbyoder.
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