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Top three of 2015 – Melissa DeBiasse

Following Rob’s lead, today I am sharing my top 3 posts of 2015 based on the number of pageviews they received. I’m also throwing in one of the posts I had the most fun researching and writing. Thank you to all … Continue reading

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Threat down! Data accessibility in long-term studies

It way past Halloween, but something is still out there… and it’s coming for your long-term data. At least that’s what a string of recent opinions and replies in TREE might lead you to believe. But I think that the fears are … Continue reading

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What’s living in your coffee machine sludge?

Did you ever wonder what was living in that drip tray in your department’s shared coffee machine? Neither did I. But a few researchers at the Universitat de València in Spain did. And what they found was pretty interesting.

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Who belongs at the root of the animal tree?

Resolving the tree of life is a consequential goal of evolutionary biology and over the last several years there has been much research devoted to determining the relationships among the earliest branching animal lineages. As a scientist who studies sponges and cnidarians … Continue reading

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Post-holiday gift ideas: a draft genome

What do you get the genomicist who has everything? How about a high-quality de novo genome of their favorite species?! How, you ask? Well, using Dovetail’s new Chicago library prep and analysis method.

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The next, next generation: long reads facilitate assembly & annotation in large genome species

The typical procedure for constructing a draft genome or transcriptome using current second generation, high throughput sequencing platforms involves generating short reads about 150 base pairs long, assembling those short reads into larger contigs, putting the contigs in the correct order to create … Continue reading

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Life fast, diapause young: The African turquoise killifish genome

Your newly sequenced genome isn’t going to get into Nature, Science, or Cell just because it “hasn’t been done before”. You need to have a hook. And speaking of hooks, there are two new fish genome papers out in Cell! … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the kelps

After we returned from Japan, we embarked on sampling both coasts of North America (but more on that soon!) and Europe. July, August and September blurred together, punctuated by lugging heavy bags weighed down with silica gel and bad airline food. … Continue reading

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On getting empirical with the obvious

I’ve been thinking lately about the value in doing “simple” things. As a PhD student, my time is constantly incentivised by productivity (what am I doing right now that is working towards a publication?). But that doesn’t jive well with … Continue reading

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Conservation through hybridization

                      Human actions have contributed to an unprecedented increase in atmospheric CO2 in the last 250 years, and global temperatures will increase by as many as 4°C by the end … Continue reading

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