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Keeping up with the kelps

After we returned from Japan, we embarked on sampling both coasts of North America (but more on that soon!) and Europe. July, August and September blurred together, punctuated by lugging heavy bags weighed down with silica gel and bad airline food. … Continue reading

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On getting empirical with the obvious

I’ve been thinking lately about the value in doing “simple” things. As a PhD student, my time is constantly incentivised by productivity (what am I doing right now that is working towards a publication?). But that doesn’t jive well with … Continue reading

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Conservation through hybridization

                      Human actions have contributed to an unprecedented increase in atmospheric CO2 in the last 250 years, and global temperatures will increase by as many as 4°C by the end … Continue reading

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Bigger, badder males drive unbalanced genetic introgression in wall lizards

Female mate choice is one of the major barriers to hybridization. But even when hybridization does happen, females are often identified as the primary drivers of how phenotypes move through a hybrid zone. A new paper appearing in Ecology Letters … Continue reading

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Machine learning for model selection in population genomics

The application of model-based methods in phylogeography helped the field transition from a more qualitative, overlay-a-tree-on-a-map, discipline to one that tests hypotheses in robust statistical frameworks. Many researchers have embraced approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) for model selection since computing the likelihood of … Continue reading

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Measuring dispersal rate in Neotropical fishes in units of ‘wallace’

Alfred Russel Wallace often gets second billing compared to Charles Darwin but in a paper recently accepted at Systematic Biology, Tagliacollo et al.  define a new term for their analyses (dispersal rate, D) and measure D in units of ‘wallaces‘ (wa) to honor the contributions of Alfred … Continue reading

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Best laid plans are probably not best laid … As I mentioned before, I had every intention of writing up posts on interesting papers as well as highlighting the hosts gracious enough to house/feed/guide us around this summer. Alas, time … Continue reading

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Another uninterpretable epigenetics study

If you looked at your Twitter feed on Sunday you likely saw a lot of buzz about a new study that found that “Holocaust survivors trauma is passed on to children’s genes”. Many people have already taken time to blog … Continue reading

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Survival of the fittest: a marine snail toughs it out through a salty time

For marine organisms, salinity plays an important role in determining how populations and species are distributed across time and space, particularly in the Mediterranean Sea. During the Mesozoic, about 252 to 66 million years ago, the Tethys Ocean, a body … Continue reading

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Inferring kinship from low coverage sequencing data

Knowing the relatedness structure of your population is essential for pretty much any study. Until recently, the only way to determine the kinship structure was to have a detailed pedigree or to estimate relatedness (poorly) using microsatellites. The spurt of … Continue reading

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