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Island-Hopping with an E.I.D.

If you live in the U.S. and feel like Zika virus is getting closer to home, that’s because it is. Although there are no known cases of Zika transmission by natural vectors in the lower 48, experts have stressed that … Continue reading

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Neglected mycoplankton, no more

Taylor and Cunliffe (2016) provide a window into the world of the plankton in which they focus on a rarely studied component, the planktonic fungi (mycoplankton). Marine mycoplankton exist as free-living filamentous and yeast forms or as parasite of other … Continue reading

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How to make the most out of your phylogenetic study

Phylogenetic studies are crucial for ecology and evolution. However, their usefulness for comparative biology or meta-analyses can vary considerably. Especially the inclusion of unidentified species (“Balanus sp.”) obstructs their use in comparative studies. How can I attach life history or morphological data … Continue reading

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To find duplicated loci in vertebrate polyploids, try thinking small

Big sequencing efforts have gone a long way to help understand the complexities of polyploidy. However, the bioinformatic approaches to sorting and scoring alleles in next-gen data are generally designed for easy of use in diploid species. Unlike a diploid species, where … Continue reading

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Genomic Islands of Speciation… are real?

I really want genomic islands of speciation to be real. Those great studies that seemed so convincing over the last ~10 years have been squashed due to, among other things, the trickiness of low genetic diversity (stay with me, I’ll … Continue reading

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Are genetic drift and inbreeding the same thing?

Does it ever happen to you that the more you try to understand something, the more difficult to understand it turns out to be? Recently, I’ve had such a problem with two of the very basic microevolutionary phenomena – genetic … Continue reading

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Coral clonal chimeras

We are all too aware of the threats ecosystem engineers, such as corals, face in light of global climate change. However, a new study by Rinkevich et al. (2016) suggest chimerism may be a a weapon to combat climate change. … Continue reading

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