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The Tao of open science for ecology

I think we can all agree that science needs to be transparent, shared, and reproducible. Recently, however, the discussion about “open science” has been conducted mostly in online forums and less so in publications (hopefully Open Access ones!). This is … Continue reading

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Current archival practices limit our ability to reuse genetic data

Archiving genetic data is important for a lot of reasons, like ensuring reproducibility and transparency of results. Being able to access previously published data is also important given that the same set of data can often help answer a diversity of … Continue reading

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What do with all those pesky mtDNA reads in your NGS experiment

Have you ever noticed how many reads from your high throughput sequencing project map to the tiny fraction of your genome that is the mitochondrial genome (mtDNA)? Pretty much any NGS experiment (e.g., RNA-seq, DNA-seq, capture-based sequencing) leave you with … Continue reading

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Genomics: the “four-headed beast” of Big Data

When I bought my first laptop in 2005, it came with a free 64MB flash drive*, which I thought was pretty awesome. Given the rate at which genomic data generation has increased in the past decade, the storage capacity of … Continue reading

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Gene expression analysis- are we doing it wrong?

In the last few weeks, three new preprints have come out suggesting that like Jack Butler dropping his kids off at school in the movie Mr. Mom, when it comes to differential gene expression analyses, we’re doing it wrong.

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The evolution of phylogeography in the next gen era: 20 years in review

Phylogeographers have long known about the limitations of single locus studies (ie, the effects of selective sweeps, stochasticity in lineage sorting among loci) and that adding loci improves the accuracy of demographic parameter estimates. As we continue to shift towards collecting multi-locus datasets thanks to high throughput … Continue reading

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Live from London: reporting from “Elements, genomes, and ecosystems”

Scientific meetings are great: see old friends, meet new colleagues, sow the seeds of collaboration, see interesting work from around the world, and so on. They’re fun, they really are. But they can be so big. The annual meetings of the … Continue reading

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Highlights from the 2015 Society of Systematic Biologists standalone meeting

Last week the Society of Systematic Biologists hosted its first standalone meeting from May 20-22 at the University of Michigan. The meeting included workshops, panel debates, three sessions of lightning talks, and an evening reception at the UM Museum of Natural … Continue reading

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Getting swole with Burmese pythons: the transcriptomics of python feeding

Burmese pythons can get pretty big. And they get even bigger after they eat a meal: like a mouse or an alligator. Indeed, their guts undergo rapid changes in form and function during and after a feeding bout. And, since … Continue reading

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Next generation sequencing: more replicates or more sequence?

The field of evolutionary biology changed drastically with the advent of next generation sequencing technologies. One thing that has stayed the same, however, is the importance of a well-planned experimental design, which ensures the data we collect have the power … Continue reading

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