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Job: Deputy Managing Editor for Molecular Ecology

Here’s a job opening for anyone that’s interested: The Molecular Ecology Editorial Office is looking for a part- or full-time Deputy Managing Editor to help run Molecular Ecology and ME Resources. The position chiefly involves monitoring the peer review process … Continue reading

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How prevalent are non-overlapping generations?

Recently, the question of how prevalent in nature are truly non-overlapping generations has piqued my interest. There are many methodologies which make the assumption that generations are non-overlapping. Or in other cases, it is a simplification we may make to … Continue reading

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Random drift and phenotypic evolution

This week we have a guest post from Markku Karhunen. Markku’s research at the University of Helsinki included the development and implementation of a number of very interesting and useful population genetics methods. In his guest post Markku discusses these … Continue reading

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Homo sapiens: the unsung model species of molecular ecology

This week I’ve invited a good friend and fellow Homo sapiens, Jacob Tennessen, to contribute a guest post to the Molecular Ecologist.  Jacob is a Postdoctoral Scholar at Oregon State University, where he currently works with Mike Blouin and Aaron … Continue reading

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Evolution 2013 Recap

As we all slowly trickle back from the recent SSE meeting in Snowbird, we’ll each be posting our own thoughts and summaries of the conference. I personally had a fantastic time, met a lot of great people, and saw a … Continue reading

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Increasing productivity in an increasingly productive world

One of the things I have been thinking about lately is how to further increase my own productivity.  Regardless of your career goals, increasing your productivity is only going to help you accomplish more (by definition) and increase your esteem … Continue reading

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