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Genomes on the beach: The International Conference on Polyploidy, Hybridization, and Biodiversity

I’ve spent the last week in Rovinj, Croatia at the International Conference on Polyploidy, Hybridization, and Biodiversity. I’ve been thinking (and writing) a great deal about polyploidy recently, and this meeting was certainly the impetus for much, much more of … Continue reading

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Workshop: Gene Conservation of Tree Species

From friend-of-the-blog Sean Hoban, an update about a workshop that should be of interest to molecular ecologists: A reminder, the deadline to submit abstracts for the “Gene Conservation of Tree Species – Banking on the Future” conference, to be held … Continue reading

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Algae bring life to the world – marine forests and domestication

The final two days of the European Phycological Congress included talks focused on the fate of marine forests in light of global climate change as well as other anthropogenic stressors, such as domestication.

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Algae bring life to the world – species, microbiomes and biodiversity

The first European Phycological Congress was held in Cologne, Germany in 1996. In the last 20-odd years, the meeting has been held every four years from Italy, to Northern Ireland, to Spain and Greece. This year the meeting was held … Continue reading

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Notes from Edmonton and #Botany2015

As noted previously, I broke with my usual habit and skipped the Evolution meetings this year. Instead, I attended Botany 2015, a joint meeting of multiple U.S. and Canadian plant-focused scholarly societies held in Edmonton, Alberta — I’d never been … Continue reading

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Dozens of talks from the Evolution 2015 meetings are on YouTube

If, like me, you didn’t make it to the 2015 Evolution meetings — maybe the logistics of a trip to Brazil were beyond your financial and/or temporal means — you can make up for it with the big cache of … Continue reading

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Mating systems

In a new paper, published online in Molecular Ecology, Pannell (2015) reviews the literature on the evolution of mating systems and dispersal in colonizing species as component of a special issue called Invasion Genetics: The Baker and Stebbins Legacy.  This issue is … Continue reading

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