Syndication, really simple (and, how will you subscribe?)

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With the recent announcement that Google Reader’s days are numbered, it’s occurred to me to clean up the options for RSS (really simple syndication) subscriptions here at The Molecular Ecologist. To that end, I’ve installed a shiny new Feedburner RSS feed, which should give us more control over what readers get in their RSS reader, as well as more information about how many people use the service. As a bonus, Feedburner offers subscriptions via e-mail. [Edit: the service is activated, but it doesn’t seem to be working just yet. Will upate when it’s online!Okay, now it’s working—subscribe to your heart’s content.] Both options are now prominently placed in our sidebar, for your convenience.

(The original site feed, remains up and running, so you shouldn’t have any issues if you’re subscribed to that; but please consider switching to the new system!)

And, while we’re on the subject, am I the only one in the Molecular Ecologist community who’s mourning the passing of Google Reader? What alternatives are you folks out there using, or considering? In my initial panicked casting around last night, I tried out feedly, then paid a few bucks for Reeder. Both of these are essentially clients for Google Reader, but the developers of each are promising work-arounds before the GR goes down on 1 July. I’ll probably swap between them for a little while until I decide which fits my needs best.


About Jeremy Yoder

Jeremy Yoder is an Assistant Professor of Biology at California State University, Northridge. He also blogs at Denim and Tweed, and tweets under the handle @jbyoder.

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  • SteveC

    I tried Feedly – not user friendly. Have moved on to Protopage. Have had it for three months and it works well for RSS feeds. Haven’t tried much else with it – too busy. FYI – blog is great – an every day read for me!

  • TMurr

    As with SteveC, I found Feedly difficult to navigate with the no. of RSS feeds I imported from Google Reader. I’m now using Netvibes and find it pretty good – the ‘reader’ rather than ‘widget’ mode gives an interface very similar to Google Reader, and the ability to flag particular articles to ‘read later’ is handy.

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  • My current status: Feedly is growing on me, and I’ve just about abandoned Reeder. (I need my RSS inside my browser, I guess).

    I’ve checked out Netvibes and I do think it’s the closest to the GReader experience—but I can’t seem to find any integration with Twitter, which is pretty vital to my reading/sharing experience.

  • And now, a week later—I’m actually using Reeder on a daily basis. I didn’t care for the app format initially, but it seems to be less resource-intensive than Feedly, and it just runs more smoothly than an in-browser app. Plus, I like the integration with Readability, which is my preferred long-read app.